Momentum (formerly "A Chosen Few") was initially founded in 2002 as Step ministry in Boston.  The group was reinvented and relocated to  NYC in January 2013 as a professional step company.  Momentum now exists as a creative outlet for steppers to create music and movement.  

Momentum has done several school assemblies in New York and taught classes and workshops around the city. They have worked in collaboration with theater company, Compagnia de’ Colombari and were featured in Rick Owens Paris Fashion Week runway show as a part of Team Vicious. The company is currently working on a show that tells the story of their experiences and the hope that causes them to dance. Momentum sees the beauty in step dance and creates movement based on that idea wherever they go. 

Momentum- the power within a moving object.  The word has two meanings for the company.  God is the force within, moving the company forward.    The company is a force within the step culture, moving step forward. 

Step is a percussive dance form primarily practiced by African Americans, in the US.  Sounds are created through claps, slaps, snaps,  stomps and vocals.

Step is often described as a stylized form of body percussion   but preceded much of what is recognized as body percussion today (think STOMP).   Both military drills and 20th century popular dances contribute to traditional Step movement. 
A little History 
Step was first documented in 1914, as a ritual performed by African American fraternities on college campuses.  Step is thought to have developed out of earlier forms of body percussion such as gum boot dancing,  ham bone and patting juba.  Today, step can be found in many places including primary and secondary schools, churches and dance studios. Step is still an integral part of African American Greek organizations today.